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The segment is on the rise and we can find several micro-entrepreneurs in the market competing against each other to stay ahead of their competitors. But there are many doubts surrounding the small decoration offices, as well as micro and small architectural offices of any other segment. For that, you will have to take employees after their FACIS .

Running a small business that is experiencing an increase in its workflow is not an easy task. So how do you ensure the quality of your projects while still focusing on the quality of customer service?

Typically, these architectural firms have a small headcount and few investment resources, but to ensure increased productivity and performance, hiring excellent employees is one of the most effective ways for small organizations. Increasing headcount involves a number of bureaucratic issues and often micro-entrepreneurs face challenges such as high staff turnover and a lack of skilled personnel in the human resources department.

So, for your organization to be prepared to select the right people that fit your business, here are some tips:

How to hire excellent employees?

The process of hiring a new employee is a laborious step that requires a lot of attention and preparation from the human resources department. Observing each candidate’s capabilities and analyzing the various resumes of job seekers should be a thorough task to ensure that mistakes are not made.

Conducting a selection process in a small architectural firm has some disadvantages compared to large organizations, which have the resources and structure required in the HR industry, or have large investments to hire a third-party architectural firm that is specialized in the task.

  • Meanwhile, in small business, it is usually the entrepreneur himself or some trusted member of his team, who has been with the architecture office for a longer time, who will evaluate the candidates and hire them.
  • As in many cases, the professional responsible for selection already has accumulated other responsibilities, not having the knowledge or preparation to perform this function, tends not to meet all criteria and error in their choice.

Another big mistake made by small offices is to consider the kinship or closeness of candidates with any employee without regard to their skills and experience. Hiring friends or family is a very common practice because it is easy, but it can do great damage to both the productivity and the financial sector of the architectural firm. Therefore, to help with the selection and recruitment process, there are some best practices that will assist you in identifying good professionals.

Make clear the characteristics of the vacancy available

Before you disclose the position that is available at your architectural office, you need to consider two issues: You must define what role the person who will assume that role will have and what skills he must have to succeed.


Clarifying these two points is essential to helping you focus on what tasks your architectural firm needs to help grow, so the HR or hiring professional can focus on what characteristics to look for in candidates. Objectivity at this point is important so that the small business owner does not look for people to just fill in gaps and expect the professional to be a multi-tasker without requiring any specific qualifications. Therefore, make a list of all job assignments to create a set of selection criteria that assess each candidate’s skills and qualities.

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