Crypto-Currency – The Change Maker!

In Cryptocurrency, so far we have discussed the BitCoins which has extreme reach all over the world. We can say that Bit coin is the main reason for the familiarity of crypto-currency. After the popularity of Bitcoins, there are so many inventions of some more coins which also create a kind of energy in people. After these introductions, Crypto-currencies value has become higher than before and people also started to use such software. It has created a strong belief and has become a trust-worthy thing all around the world which is helpful for the people.


Ethereum has come after Bitcoin. It is considered to be a child of the other genius of Crypto-currencies named Vitalik Buterin. He has got the second place for such inventions in this network of systems. It does not work like BitCoin. It has its own specialty that is it is not only based on transactions and accounts like Bitcoin but also it works on conducting and programming the difficult tasks and contracts. This thing and ability have taken Ethereum to the next level in the blockchain department. When some holders or owners decided to do some transactions without any census, it made them start a program like Ethereum. Later on, it has also become a family of Crypto-currency.


After the invention of this Ethereum in Crypto-currency family, there is another important thing that evolved is to be called Ripple. Basically it has the native of this currency which is to be named as XRP. It is considered as a network to work rather than a crypto-currency because this does not work as a coin or a currency like to serve or exchange value but it works under to protect the network system. Ripple is a little bit more famous than Bitcoin and Ethereum as it has huge value and many financials are standing in the queue to join in this network.

Lite Coin- Digital Silver:

The next thing has also got its privilege of securing a silver badge in digital cash next to Bitcoin which has digital gold. This coin is named as Lite coin. It is also considered as the second crypto-currency to be formed after Bitcoin. It works heavily than Bitcoin and we can also call this coin as the brother of this Bitcoin. It is faster than bitcoin and also works smarter in its own way. It has lessened the work of other crypto-currencies in all levels. It is lighter to use and smart in work also. Feathercoin and Dogecoin are the two examples that come under Litecoin.


Monero is another thing that is added only to develop the privacy value of crypto-currencies. It is the best example for CryptoNight logarithms. This is the first non-mined system based thing that gives a lot of awareness and information for the people. Monero has reached its peak level during one summer of the year 2016 and darknet markets were also willing to accept this one as their currency. But the actual thing is that it is very small to use, though it works well. The changes are started happening around. Many institutional workers, financial officers understand the future of crypto-currency and indeed, it has a very big future.

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