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juul australia

Juul is an American electronic cigarette. In 2017, the company Juul labs which spun off from Pax labs. And it is one-time use cartridges with the packages of nicotine salts from the leaf tobacco. It resembles a small USB flash drive. It has charged through a computer, just like inserting a USB flash drive into the computer. It has easily hidden in pockets or purse.

Founders of Juul:

juul australia

Adam Bowen and James Monsees, two former chain smokers, are the founders of JUUL LABS. Bowen is the chief technology officer, and Monsees is the chief product officer from August 2018. Before founding juul australia , they first introduced a company called Ploom and later created a Pax vaporizer device for cannabis and loose-leaf tobacco. In 2015, Juul received a US patent for its nicotine salt preparation.


In the market than other e-cigarettes, nicotine salts create an experience more like smoking. Like traditional cigarettes, it delivers a nicotine peak in five minutes. The same amount of nicotine salts in one pack of cigarettes contains each Cartridge (Juul pod), and approximately 200 puffs have been delivered in a single cartridge. In each round, the amount of nicotine includes – 59 mg/ml in the United States, and Europe- 20 mg/ml. Juul introduced three per cent strengths for its mint and Virginia tobacco flavours in August 2018, and it’s equivalent to 30mg/ml. Propylene nicotine, Glycerine, Flavorings, and nicotine salts have been contained in each cartridge. Pods came in 8 flavours until 2019, and which Mango is the most popular. To demonstrate IN VITRO cytotoxicity, Juul pods are the only products from both nicotine and flavour chemical content, in particular Ethyl maltol.

Health concern: 

We are familiar with knowing that, by using traditional tobacco cigarettes, it can cause damage to lung’s airways and contribute to heart disease. While coming to Juul, Users cannot physically light up the smoke with the flame to create. But still, it had side effects on using Juul cigarette. And some of them are listed below;

  • Juul pods induce epithelial injury and deep airway inflammation.
  • By vaping, more than 2000 cases of EVALI (Lung injury) which became the severe side effects by e-cigarette and 39 deaths have linked.
  • It causes throat and mouth irritation, coughing, and nausea by using Jull. Simultaneously, some researchers find that using Juul can cause DNA damage in the lungs and bladders of mice, leading to the development of cancer. But it is unclear.
  • Cough – Wheezing is the mild symptoms that seem you are getting worse.
  • Chest pain – Shortness of breath, these are severe symptoms like acute respiratory distress syndrome, and immediately smokers need to consult with their doctors.

Banning of JUUL:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a ban on flavoured vaping cartridges and pods on January 2, 2020. Within 30 days, the ban would take more effects, and some changes can assume that only tobacco and menthol-flavoured seeds have sold, and those shops could continue to sell fruit, mint, and other flavours of vape fluids. For avoiding the side effects of vaping, Quitting altogether is the safest option. These are the details about Juul.

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