From Push Marketing to Customer Service

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Search engine discovery is more about customer service: you serve your customers as they look for answers. By choosing effective keywords, we target our visibility to search engine users looking for us and our business. If the consumer searches for “car” in general terms, they are still a long way from making a purchase. Instead, if a make, model, and location appear in the search query, the available options for the product that has already been decided to be purchased will be mapped. The google expert can be of great help here.

Long term benefit

Search engine optimization is a process that takes time but also results in long-lasting results. Well done search engine optimization will result in your site being found through search engines for years to come. This way, the time spent on optimization will yield in the longer term.

Search engine optimization also contributes to local discovery

According to Google research, 80% of consumers “googled” a local operator before visiting a brick-and-mortar store. So it’s important to also find local search results, which are often done on the go with mobile devices. Search engine optimization allows you to emphasize your position in your keywords and thus drive visitors to your physical business space.

The weaknesses of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization takes time

google expert

It is no longer enough for search engine optimization to “spam” keywords on the content and code of a page; optimization requires a wealth of good, unique content that takes time to produce. Fast profits are not part of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization also requires a lot of website technology

For a site to be indexed, Google needs to be able to analyze all the content on the site. In addition, optimization is supported by technical optimization measures, such as repairing broken links or removing duplicate content. Thus, implementing comprehensive search engine optimization also requires programming skills.

Getting links is challenging

One of the cornerstones of search engine optimization is building quality external links. The quality of referral domains depends on how many external domains refer to them and what they are worth. Building a good link profile is laborious and time-consuming.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process

One-time Search Engine Optimization is usually not a viable solution. Google’s algorithms are undergoing minor changes all the time and the competitive landscape on the web changes as your competitors invest in their websites. Therefore, it is a good idea to monitor your search engine optimized keyword rankings and fine-tunes them as changes occur.

In search engine optimization, you focus on one channel

Search engine optimization typically focuses on Google due to its strong market shares, but other search engines are available worldwide. In Russia, half of the market is still owned by Yandex and in China, Baidu has a strong influence. In addition, focusing solely on Google leaves you missing out on social media.

So it is important to evaluate where your customers are when choosing which marketing channels to use online. The next section of this blog discusses the benefits and weaknesses of social media and compares which one should use if you have to make a choice between methods.

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