Google Ads: Guide for the Beginners

Promoted Google Ads

Adwords has long proved its effectiveness, and is still attracting more companies from all sectors. You too, would like to get started and see your growth climb, but how to be sure to hit the public when you get lost amid the many features of Adwords, different types of ads, the operation of the auction? With the Promoted Google Ads you can expect the best now.

Well this article is for you, aspiring web-marketers, who want to advertise relevant and quality through the search engine. Professionals explain the operation of Adwords, and especially how to prepare well his campaign not to see his investments go up in smoke.

Different types of campaigns to meet different goals

Promoted Google Ads

You have to know that with Adwords, you can advertise elsewhere than in Google search results. And yes, you can place your ads everywhere on the AdSense network, a network that includes all partner sites. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to meet your goals.

Define your goals before choosing your ad network

It is indeed important to set your goals whether it is boosting sales or awareness to make sure you do not make mistakes in your ad network:

  • The search network makes it possible to display advertisements directly on the search results page: useful to boost its performances sales, quotations, downloads
  • The Display Network, to display various ads on third-party sites that rent their advertising space. Associated with the research network, it allows working on the knowledge of its brand, by proposing various targeting techniques
  • YouTube Ads: acquired by Google, this network allows highlighting illustrated banners and prominent and high-impact sponsored videos
  • Google Shopping: to directly promote its products in search results, infallible to increase conversions

Which format to choose?

When creating your campaign, you will be able to choose between different ad formats. Here are the main ones:

  • Text ads contain only words, and with ad extensions, you can add details and coordinates to make them more relevant.
  • Ad text ad text
  • Image ads aim to draw attention to its products and services in a visual way, and thus encourage visitors to click through a call to action button. And for even more impact, prefer animated images to static images.
  • adwords ad
  • Video ads, to offer customers an even more complete experience.
  • adwords video ad
  • Shopping ads are text and visual ads that encourage people to click to learn more by visiting your site.
  • adwords shopping ad
  • Adjust your shot so you do not miss your target.

It is important to define a fair targeting, so that your ads are effective and relevant and thus avoid paying for low-quality traffic. The search network makes it possible to target users’ requests based on selected keywords. You are at the heart of customer research, and pay only when they click on your ad.

How to create your Adwords campaign?

All these possibilities have certainly made you want to start, but then, how is the launch of his campaign?

It’s easy: first, define the keywords that will match your ad. The choice of your keywords is very important, avoid those which are too generic and bet rather on the long tail association of several keywords to reach traffic of quality and to position you in front of the competition.

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