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If you have a steam cleaner, you can use it to clean your carpet. The heat given off by the steam will effectively clean all the pile of your carpet. It will then come out like new. You now know the tricks to maintain and clean the carpets of your house. Foam, steam, suction do the methods that suit you. From the NYC rug spot bleaching service you can expect the best deals now.

Today, there are few houses that do not have at least a carpet. This accessory has invaded our interiors and finds its place in all rooms. Cotton, wool, fabric, synthetic, it is available with all materials. Decorative or useful, carpets are also nests for bacteria, especially if you have a pet. Be all the more vigilant if you are the parent of a young child, who will be more sensitive to bacteria. We share with you our tips for cleaning carpets without necessarily using disinfectant chemical sprays.

First reflex to clean your carpet

Your best weapon to rid your carpet of bacteria is the vacuum cleaner. At least once a week, vacuum your carpet while insisting using a brush. Be careful, however, with oriental rugs so as not to damage the threads. Also think from time to time to turn it over to vacuum the bottom, in direct contact with the ground.

Clean your carpet naturally in-depth

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Our grandmothers still have the best tips for taking care of their interior, without chemistry. Hang your carpets outside and draw a large wooden swatter, designed for this use. It is a good way to let off steam and dislodge deep dust.

More modern, the steam cleaner without adding chemicals can also clean your carpet ecologically, provided that this cleaning method is suitable for yours, which is not the case for delicate natural fibers such as sisal. If you don’t have one, consider renting it and give it a try on a small part of your carpet first.

Ideally, have the vapor reflex once every two months. A little tip: to leave a pleasant smell on your carpet, add a few drops of essential oils. For more classic maintenance, simply rub your carpet with soapy water (based on black soap or Marseille soap shavings. Rinse and allow drying.

Revive your carpet naturally

Another grandmother’s tip to give a new lease of life to her carpet: make an infusion based on potato peelings, then soak a sponge and rub your carpet. Leave on for a few hours, rinse and dry.

Get rid of stains and dirt on carpets

Start by soaking your carpet of sparkling water with a sponge, rubbing on the dirt. Leave to act for 30 min, then sprinkle with baking soda. Once the powder is dry, all you have to do is vacuum it up. It’s a grandmother’s recipe which also has the advantage of reviving the colors of your carpet.

Is your carpet very dusty or stained with grease? We go to the next step by drawing the famous white vinegar. Pour it directly on the stain, rub with a cloth and wait for 15 min. Then make a mixture with a little hot water and washing up liquid that you whip with an electric mixer or with a hand blender. Pour this second mixture on the carpet, scrub with a brush, rinse and let dry. Cleanliness guaranteed.

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