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H2 arithmetic is intended to organize students for a spread of university courses, as well as arithmetic, sciences, engineering and connected courses, wherever a decent foundation in arithmetic is needed. It develops mathematical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for more learning of arithmetic.

The specification for Junior Cycle arithmetic focuses on developing students’ ability to suppose logically, strategically, critically, and creatively through the Unifying Strand and therefore the four discourse strands: Number; pure mathematics and Trigonometry; pure mathematics and Functions; and Statistics and chance. JC Maths Tuition provides consultations to students in H2 Math tuition categories. It helps on your school’s tutorial, assignments or checks preparation, you’ll be able to perpetually organize a consultation.

JC Maths Tuition

H2 Maths program

There are 2 key ingredients for any effective program: the standard of the tutors and therefore the program syllabus. One ought to even have glorious talent sets, track-records, and skill.

To allow students to find out effectively from completely different views, apply an in-depth array of resources to stay the educational method fun and attention-grabbing. The program ought to embrace on-line video lectures, outline notes, Pop Quizzes, revision assessments, and more. It ought to additionally give exclusive materials that don’t seem to be out there elsewhere on the market.

Ultimately, there are not any short-cuts to ensure success; operating onerous altogether provides the simplest result that  has perpetually been the most pillar of success.

The variations Between H1, H2, & H3

When coming into JC, students have a selection of taking a topic at H1, H2 or H3 level. These are indicative of the load of the program lined, with H1 being the lightest and H3 being the heaviest.

The required subject combination for “A” level students in Singapore is:

  • 3 H2 content-based subjects
  • 1 H1 content-based subject (has to be different as compared to the three H2 subjects)
  • Compulsory H1 subjects – General Paper, Project Work, tongue
  • H2 subjects have a heavier weightage of twenty points as compared to H1 subjects that are valued ten points. Once extra along, the utmost possible points for JC is ninety.

As you may have most likely noticed, H3 subjects don’t seem to be necessary for JC, and are to distinguish the highest students in an exceedingly large cohort. they’re taken by students to induce previous the bell curve and therefore attain a plus in university admissions.

The Importance of H2 maths

Mathematics could be a basic subject in any respect levels of studies, contributing to the event of different disciplines. it’s employed by a range of industries like science, engineering, business and science. This can be as a result of a powerful data of arithmetic empowers you to model, perceive and solve world issues.

According to the Ministry of Education, H2 arithmetic developed intellect and reasoning skills that are essential for the more learning of arithmetic and its connected disciplines.

The program aims to modify students to:

  • Acquire mathematical ideas and skills for future tertiary studies
  • Be adept in mathematical thinking, reasoning, communication and modelling skills
  • Connect ideas at intervals arithmetic and apply arithmetic ideas to connected disciplines
  • Experience and appreciate the character of arithmetic and its worth in life.


Practice, Practice, Practice. Of all subjects, Maths is that the one you would like to perpetually be active to try and do well. decide a subject, study it, print out some queries, attempt them and check your answer against the marking theme. listen to the main points and check out to avoid basic errors. certify you recognize a way to use your calculator and perpetually show your workings in answers as try marks can typically pass you an issue.

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