Important Safety measure to follow while vaping


A resident of the United States died from the explosion of an electronic cigarette. This was reported by WFTS-TV. The explosion occurred in the house of a 38-year-old vapor when he soared his electronic cigarette. The autopsy results showed that fragments of the vape device pierced the skull and brain of a man.


In connection with this case, experts will talk about why electronic cigarettes explode and what precautions must be taken to avoid damaging yourself and your loved ones during the vaping the ejuice . You need to be specific on the choice here.

Do not buy mech mods

It is known that the deceased used an electronic cigarette brand Mech Works from the company Smok-E Mountain. It looks like this:

This device is a mechanical mod. In fact, this is a hollow metal tube where the battery is inserted. When the user grips the button located at the bottom of the device, the contact closes and the device starts to produce a lot of steam. The main disadvantage of such devices is the lack of electronics, which protects against battery reversal, prevents short circuits and other dangerous things that vapers encounter.

That is why decent shops selling electronic cigarettes do not recommend mechanical mods for purchase to beginners. Mechmods are devices exclusively for advanced users. Hence the first rule of safe vaping if you don’t know the basics of physics, don’t know how to wind evaporators suitable for your batteries, and also don’t know the basic rules for caring for a modmod, then refuse to buy it. In your hands, a mech mod from a hover device can turn into a fragmentation grenade.

If you decide to start soaring, then buy devices with a built-in board that will protect you from most of the dangers that vaping carries. Fortunately, there are a lot of devices with boards for every taste, color, shape and wallet.

Do not save on batteries

All vape devices are powered by batteries. The only thing is that you can divide the devices into those that are already included with the built-in, non-replaceable battery and devices with a replaceable battery. If you decide to buy a device with replaceable batteries, then you should buy only good batteries from trusted manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung, etc.

These batteries are specially designed for vaping, they have a gas exhaust system and in a critical situation, excess gases, liquid and explosions will most likely be avoided from the proprietary battery. However, on the market in a wide assortment there are clones of branded batteries. Many vapers buy them in order to save. However, practice shows that saving on batteries is unjustified. A damaged device, a burned-out jeans pocket, and a burn in the groin area cost more than the five dollars saved. Some vapers use laptop batteries in their devices. However, this is not recommended if you value your health.

Also, experienced vapers recommend charging the batteries not through the micro-USB port of the vape device, but through a separate charger. In this case, you will extend the life of your batteries and minimize the risk of burning the board of your mod.

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