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Tinder Swiper

Tinder is a social media application, an online free dating application in which the couples join or match the couples based on their photographs and details of them, which he or she has been uploaded. The dating application can able to download in your phone, tablet and desktop. The application consists of two communities in separation

The first community, for the people who have the age of eighteen and more than eighteen.

The second community, for the people who belong to the age of thirteen to the age of seventeen. This article is to know about the Tinder Swiper .

The languages, which are available in tinder application in  Arabic, Bulgarian, Italian, Catalan, Czech, French, Danish, German, Greek, Hindi, Portuguese, Hebrew, Spanish and as well as in the English language. The tinder application have found in the year of 2012, the website is named as www. If people like photographs of other people they used to swipe their photograph or their physical appearance on the right side.  Another choice is to swipe left if the person does not like their physical appearance or photographs. Through this, we can also able to chat with the user whose photograph you have been swiped to the left side.  We can also see the tinder moments in which the users can send their personal photographs to the user. The application of an tinder is used mostly in one hundred ninety six countries. The main information is, for example, we can use user 1 and user 2. If the user 1 swipes the photo at the right side, the user 2 cannot be known that, when the user 2 also swipes the photograph of the user 1 then only we can able to know the information and as well as to chat between them. This is considered one of the advantages of using the application of tinder. Tinder has won the award of “Techcrunch” which gave an encouraging set up in the year of 2013.

Tinder feature

The feature of a tender involves the process of

Swipe as we discussed before can able to swipe left if the photograph is not liked by the user and can also swipe right if the photograph is liked by the user.

Messaging, if the two user swipes their photo at right they can able to communicate and share their information by the process of messaging.

Panic button which has been introduced by the country of the United States, which can be used for the emergency purpose which can be able to track your location and as well as photo verification.

Tinder gold which has been introduced in the year of 2017 it works in subscription of premium, in this, the user can able to see the person who has already liked them.


No other people can message you until you have liked the user

You can able to find more friends

Tinder Swiper

The people cannot be known about you until you have swiped right and starts messaging.

You can able to find people who wish for dating.


You need a Facebook account to use the tinder application.

The application of tinder can be hacked

We cannot judge people by its cover.

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