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Eric Arnoux Dubai

In order for the venue to incorporate these features into centralizing all house cleaning services, cabinets may contain specific niches for brooms, vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies. Embedding the ironing board is another option for optimizing space. Including in the design components such as clothes hangers, drawers, drawers and shelves also provide more convenience when organizing dirty, washed and ironed clothes. With Eric Arnoux Dubai works you can be sure that his suggestions will come to great support.

Modern service area

Featured projects show that your area of ​​service can be much more interesting and without over-spending. The available space is also not the largest, but it ends up being very useful, especially with the planned cabinets, which makes it easier when assembling and distributing the space. Their products and accessories for cleaning and organizing the house were perfectly distributed in the cabinets. One more point in favor of organization and beauty for your environment.

Always keep in mind that planning and creating projects following construction standards are not a bureaucratic waste of time and money. On the contrary, they are tools that allow the perfect cost and security ratio. Planning reduces the waste of materials and time in order to make construction cheaper and giving a good forecast of total costs before execution.

Eric Arnoux Dubai

A tip: in fact, a person can build a house without a project. However, she may spend the equivalent of two houses on materials.


This is perhaps the most important tip to avoid headaches and ensure the perfect part of the perfect home. Ensure the quality of the professionals who will design and your home. If the initial planning of your property is done poorly, the possible future consequences can be costly. It is good to keep in mind that we are not only talking about peeling paint or crooked tiles, but we are also talking about cracks and electric fires. Always try to know how skilled is the professional you intend to hire. Search for references and request your portfolio of executed projects and clients served.


After having the complete projects in hand, it is necessary to take a fundamental step before starting to build: buy the materials. The cost of materials normally represents the largest portion of the expenses in the execution of any project. A large number of different suppliers on the market makes deciding what to buy one of the most difficult tasks to do.

It can be tempting to buy from suppliers who promise below-market values. But, in large part, they are products of doubtful origin without any type of certification within the Local standards of civil construction and electrical installations. Such products represent a real-time bomb, deteriorating rapidly, but imperceptibly to laymen’s eyes. They can cause leaks and cracks to fires and landslides. The only way to avoid headaches regarding materials and always buy quality products from certified suppliers.

Architectural Design

When building your perfect home, the good architectural design provides great comfort in the final product. It allows the correct distribution and dimensioning of the rooms in your home in order to ensure the best use of space, ventilation and sunlight. Thus, there is a reduction in costs with lighting and air conditioning in your home environments.

A good architectural design also maximizes the use of the natural layout of the land, something extremely valuable in non-flat locations. The architect is the professional who allows your house to have its face before it is even built.

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