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When you have your house plan ready, write down everything you did and used it in the drawing so you don’t forget when building your house. Save the project on the computer or print the plan, to present to a professional in the area, who will use the outline to prepare the final drawing. In immobilier de luxe you can have the smartest option.

Build the house

Crafting the free online house plan is just a foundation for your future home design, inspiring the architect or engineer you will need to hire to make the definitive plan. The process also includes the presentation of the plan for approval by the city hall and the payment of CREA fees, among other details. To build your house that is still a project, search for quality construction materials at low prices. Hire a good professional to help build your new property and arrange a delivery time.

Most people spend a lot of time imagining their dream home, but planning the space goes far beyond that, so we wrote this article with some tips for you to share and organize rooms. The project of an organized house begins well before the work, still in the elaboration of the architectural plans. In them, small details must be taken into account, because in the end, they will make a big difference, bringing savings and comfort to your residence.

immobilier de luxe

If you are still in the planning stage and are already concerned with the good use of rooms and rooms, read our article with everything you need to know before building your home. Inbuilt houses, following some design and civil engineering precepts, can make a difference. Do you already know what your home will be like? Contact professionals and request your free quote.

Position rooms with a solar incidence in mind

Imagine the following situation: your office faces west. Consequently, it will receive light more strongly from noon to dusk, the hottest part of the day. Working in this location is therefore likely to cause discomfort and consequently headaches. Thinking about how to take advantage of natural light when planning a construction from scratch, or just renovating, is one of the main factors that will determine whether you will have a good quality of life in the future.

Each construction must take into account the solar incidence of the region in which it is inserted, in the case of Rio, the north face is hot in winter and cool in summer. As for the east and west sides, the first one usually receives sun from sunrise until noon, a room with windows facing this region is the one we usually see in the newspaper ads characterized as morning sun and the second is known as afternoon sun is usually the most problematic, as it receives sun from noon until the end of the afternoon, precisely the hottest period of the day, as mentioned at the beginning of the text. Finally, the southern part usually receives very little solar radiation throughout the year, being the coolest place in the building.

So, realize that in Rio de Janeiro the north side is ideal for a living room, for example. The southern part can be a good choice for the kitchen, as it is a commonly hot room. The east region of the house is usually more pleasant for the distribution of rooms, while the west is generally avoided, being used for less important environments, such as service areas.

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