SEO and the Ways to Drag the Website Up

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As marketers, you need to keep up to date on what seems like an endless update to Google’s algorithm. Otherwise, you may not be referenced for your main keywords. While this is not easy, there is one golden rule that has long been proven to ensure the success of your SEO strategy: optimize your website for relevant target keywords. By optimizing your site properly, you will attract better visitors, increase your conversion rates, and ultimately, you will get more customers. With the murfreesboro seo you can now be sure of the quality.

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This article aims to explain how to add keywords to your website, once your search has allowed you to define them. If you do not master this process, you can read this article to unlock the mysteries of keyword research before continuing your reading. If you have found the relevant keywords for your business, let’s see what SEO is on-page, where to add keywords to your site and how to avoid search penalties.

What is SEO on-page?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is about creating content, optimizing it, and promoting it. It is commonly accepted that this process is composed of two parts, SEO on-page and SEO off-page. The difference between the two can be summed up as follows: SEO on-page is the information that your site sends to search engines, while SEO off-page is the information that is sent to search engines by other websites. SEO on-page is about individually optimizing certain pages of your website so that they are better referenced in the search results. The term applies to both content and HTML source code, both of which can be optimized for search. The SEO off-page meanwhile, refers to external SEO markers as links.

SEO tips to improve the SEO of your web pages

You can attract the right visitors to your site and improve the performance of your inbound strategy, thanks to your SEO on-page. Indeed, when you optimize your SEO for search engines, it is to understand who you are, what you do and the topics covered in your content. By improving your SEO on-page, you contribute to the natural referencing of your website on the search engine results pages or SERP for Search Engine Results Page.

Here’s how you will need to conduct an SEO audit:

  • Export all the pages of your website into an Excel file.
  • Sort them in descending order according to the number of visits they generate.
  • Assign a category of keywords to each of them, then add it in the column next to the page name.

Do an SEO audit of your website

Whenever you create new content to add to your site, be sure to keep the specific keywords you are targeting and incorporate one or two per page. On the other hand, if numerous contents are already published on your site, it will be necessary to start by conducting an audit SEO.

This audit will help you determine how well your site is suited to SEO. You can then update and optimize your content for search by focusing on the pages generating the most traffic. The audit will also allow you to detect many problems that you may be unknowingly facing, so that you can resolve them as soon as possible and make your SEO progress.

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