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The results of medical research have always come into practice not only from the pages of magazines, from the stands of conferences, from teachers, but also through recommendations and instructions, i.e. secondary documents that directly prescribe the doctor what and how to do. In our country, methodological recommendations and instructions have always been approved by high authorities, primarily the Ministry of Health. However, everyone knew that many of these recommendations were created only in order to receive a document on the implementation of dissertation materials or to justify the financing of their work. Typically, such recommendations remained little known, because the author only needed to have a document. Other recommendations, such as the recent use of Dianetics in hospitals, led to a scandal. There you can come up with the PubMed PDFs now.

Clinical recommendations

PubMed PDFs

These clinical recommendations are not just statements or advice, but provisions developed in accordance with a specific system and intended for doctors’ medical personnel or patients. The purpose of the recommendations is to help in choosing the right actions in a particular situation for example, with a disease. Recommendations may determine principles of action, health policies, or management practices. The most important function of the recommendations is to make the increasingly complex results of scientific medical research available to all doctors, to translate the extensive and diverse research information into an understandable language of directives.

Professionals Choice

In medical practice in Western countries, practical recommendations are developed by professional medical societies for example, since 1981 the American College of Physicians has prepared more than 200 recommendations and a third of them are periodically updated, large hospitals, universities and other organizations. They are created by state institutions or in accordance with state programs. So, in order to improve the quality of medical practice by standardizing and improving clinical guidelines, in 1990 in the USA the Agency for Health Care and Research Policy AHCPR: Agency for Health Care Policy and Research) was specially created.

Work of an individual doctor

Recommendations are almost never the result of the work of an individual doctor. They are usually developed through teamwork and undergo a rigorous review and editing process. Such recommendations can be considered the standard of clinical practice, often officially recognized.

Forecasting rules and protocols

Among the practical recommendations, there are varieties: forecasting rules and protocols. They differ from the usual recommendations, but the principles for their development and use are similar. There are recommendations for quality control, certification, and cost savings. There are recommendations that are not intended for doctors, but for administrators, employees of insurance companies, and others involved in managing and financing health care. The same requirements should be made for such recommendations as for clinical recommendations addressed to doctors.

The Recognition from patient

Of particular note are recommendations for patients. Since in modern medical practice the patient recognizes the right to make decisions regarding his health and the choice of various health services, he needs reliable information that is stated more intelligible, but nevertheless objective and scientifically substantiated. Typically, such recommendations are distinguished by the fact that they more fully reflect the possible preferences of patients. When developing these recommendations, as a rule, the opinion of the societies of patients is taken into account, a preliminary discussion of materials is conducted with them.

The recommendations began to play a special role in connection with the rapid increase in medical care costs especially in the USA and the proliferation of medical institutions focused on economical, rational care. In such facilities, recommendations help regulate costs and standardize treatment.

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