What documents be required for Employee Background Check?

healthcare screening

According to the Ministerial Order of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, some documents cannot be required by the contractor as they are considered discriminatory. Among them are:

  • Negative certificate of the labor process
  • Negative certificate
  • Document on criminal history, except for cases where the activity has relations with a crime
  • Document proving sterilization or state of pregnancy
  • healthcare screening
  • HIV test
  • Failure to comply with this rule may lead to legal actions against the institution.

How to proceed with outsourced employees?

healthcare screening

Many companies decide to outsource some of their services. For this, they hire other institutions that are experts in a particular sector. If so, what documents should the contracting company require? Let’s see below:

  • Negative debt certificates at municipal, state and federal levels. Among them, those issued by the National Institute of Social Security
  • Federal, civil, criminal and labor procedural records of the legal entity and partners or owners
  • The social contract of the service provider
  • Certificate of good repute of the union or association to which the outsourced company is affiliated
  • Reference letter from banking entities
  • INSS certificate attesting to the payment of employees’ labor payments
  • Proof of payroll for employees
  • Tax collection guides for each employee
  • Occupational health certificates of all employees
  • Occupational health physician control program.

After the collection of the documents cited, the company will be quiet and protected in this type of contractual relationship. Therefore, if you always keep this stage of hiring employees organized, your institution will always have good results with the internal team.

As a small business owner, you probably need help with many things from running a social networking campaign to answering the phones. But you can’t just run an ad that says, I need an employee to help me do a lot of everything.

Instead of being broad, get it right and think of two or three specific tasks that will be taking up part of that person’s time. For example, if you were running an e-commerce business then you could say that you need someone to help you pack and ship. For a flooring company, you may need someone to help you gather supplies, prepare a workspace, and help lay the floor. From there, the more detailed you are with your job description, the more qualified the candidate will be.

In some cases we’ve seen, especially when it’s a startup and not a business with an established model, one can actually do a little of everything. Still, it is important for you to set tasks that can be grouped to guide the person if you are recruiting someone from outside your social circle. Remember: you already know each other and you already know the routine, but the person will still have to bond with you and your business. And it won’t happen overnight, to the point where she gets emotionally involved as you are.

It is also interesting, in addition to the detailed description of tasks, that you have one or two lines of purpose. Instead of just specifying everyday tasks, it may be interesting to ask why the person will do what they will do. In the case of e-commerce, the person is not just sending packages; she may be enabling family ties to be built with meaningful little memories. Yes, something more motivational and inspirational.

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