Your Children and Their Control with the Spy App

spy app

In general, when buying a smartphone for a child, you must reconcile from the very beginning with the thought that the device will die a heroic death sooner or later (more often – sooner). Scolding a child is not worth it. In order not to be upset later, it is better to take care in advance of either protection or the choice of the optimal device. It’s a pity there is no shelf in the store with the name “So that it’s not a pity to smash, and not to be ashamed to use with classmates. The use of the spy app is perfect here.

A good option for a preschooler can be a children’s tablet. They usually have a more durable body and a set of pre-installed content, including a children’s launcher. You can buy either a secure smartphone or two devices for a young student: for entertainment – a tablet on which he will play and watch videos at home, and to school – a simple push-button phone. The latter is both more durable and runs on battery longer, and does not distract from games from activities.

Smartphone for a child: protection and security settings

Location control: where is the child?

spy app

Parents always want to know where their child is. Doesn’t she skip classes, hasn’t she fled to a neighboring city as part of an extraordinary teen protest rally. A smartphone in this case will be the best assistant for parents. And there are several ways to obtain data on the whereabouts of the child. You can even do without a smartphone at all, having bought an inexpensive bright device that your child can even brag to his peers.

Operator service

Firstly, the location tracking service is provided by all major mobile operators. To connect it, it is enough to have the consent of the desired subscriber, but who would ask him, right? MTS, Beeline, Megafon and Tele2 with the help of one SMS-request will provide data on the subscriber’s geolocation. For this, neither the operator nor the subscriber will need an Internet connection, so this function will work even if the child has the simplest push-button telephone. Another plus of determining location by base stations is saving battery power.

OS applications or settings

The second way to always know where your option is to install a special application like Kids Location, which we recently wrote about. For Android, the “Where is the Baby” utility is suitable, and for the iPhone “Find iPhone”. These applications are similar, but each has a number of advantages. For example, “Where is the child” is imprisoned for working with children’s devices. First of all, this is a tracker that will allow in real-time to track all the movements of the child. In addition to the main one, it has convenient additional functions – to monitor the battery charge, to receive alerts if the child has crossed the border of the danger zone you marked on the map. Using the application, the child can send an SOS signal to the parent’s phone. The downside of applications is that they use GPS and an Internet connection, discharging the battery of the gadget.

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