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Most new players struggle to know how much to tip the dealer and when to tip. It is commonly known that dealers are dependent on tips for a big part of their income. You can get to know how and when to tip by learning certain basic rules and guidelines regarding tipping in casinos.

The guide includes things such as tipping dealers who display good behavior as it will reinforce the good behavior of the dealers. Good behavior can be judged from a few things that the dealer does like if the dealer places the cut card in your favor. Cut slots are used in casinos to determine where the cut card is placed and the dealer has some discretion on where to place the card and this can have a big impact on the game. If this is being done by the dealer, you should tip him well. Also, if a dealer is dealing fast, it will help you win more in a given hour and thus it should be rewarded by a good tip from your winnings to encourage this.,ret_img/

If you are looking to play advantage such as counting cards etc, in a casino game, it is best to tip the dealer so that he does not suspect you and report you to the authorities for scrutiny. This will surely help you play your advantage game undetected and thus get a good amount of winnings for yourself. This is also true for dealers who yell out checks, play or black action when any player increases their bets or pulls out a black chip. It attracts the attention of the supervisor and pit boss who then watch over the table with much detail. Any advantage player can tell that this is a bad situation and you can avoid it by simply tipping the dealer well. Also, when you leave, the dealer can simply plead ignorant to what you have won and thus help you get past any checks.

You can also get more advantage by tipping the dealer as the dealers usually know the casino procedure, policies, and shift times well and can provide you with valuable information. This is especially useful for advantage players as it helps you get into a stronger position but be careful to do it at random intervals as well as sparingly to avoid any heat from casino authorities. Also, be sure that the information you get from the dealer is worth the tip you are giving him. This will help ensure that you do not spend too much money as well as get good benefits even on a small bankroll.,ret_img/

If you are a player who does not like to interact with the dealer too much but is okay with tipping, you should follow these tips to ensure that you get the maximum benefits out of your tips. Firstly, you should make sure that the floor person is watching you tip the dealer as it helps reduce any suspicion of you being a typical advantage player in the casino. It is also good to tip the dealer when he is going on a break and another dealer is coming to your table. This helps ensure that two dealers apart from the floor person sees you tip and thus further diminish any suspicions they had. Placing the chip on the table before betting is another way you can get more value out of your trip as this can be used when you win. You keep the original bet and give the dealer the caped bet which was kept above it. 

But if you do not want to tip the dealer at all, there are certain tricks you can use to not look like a bad cheapskate. You can avoid tipping by emphasizing your losses at regular intervals but just in a casual way. This will help the dealer understand that you are not in a position to tip and thus will help you avoid tipping. Also, when you win, you can mention how you owe money to a friend and have to pay them back before tipping the dealers as this will help you avoid looking like a cheapskate. Putting your chips into pockets without letting the dealer know is also a good idea as it makes you look like a losing player but be careful to not overdo it and only put the amount equal to the amount being wagered into your pockets. 

In the end, whether you decide to tip the dealer or avoid it altogether, it is important that you respect the dealer as they have to put up with abusive players all day and a small gesture such as a smile can go a long way in making the dealers happy.
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