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In today’s world internet play’s vital role to get information. So most people use the internet to search for the things that they want to get it. If you search a small or big thing, the internet will omit everything but in the appropriate order. These searches will optimize automatically with some algorithms and procedures used. And these are called search engine optimization


Search Engine Optimization has told the procedure to grow the superiority and number of websites by mounting the visibility of the webpage or website. SEO target different kinds of searches including image search video search etc. seo gatineau is a process and it is not a keyword. 


In 1998 Backrun developed the search engine that relates to the mathematical algorithm to rate the web pages. With the help of an algorithm, the number is calculated. PageRank is to function the inbound links. In mid-1990 webmaster is called a search engine and it was the first search engine. Initial stage user must need to submit the URL or address of the page and it will extract the links to other pages to found it and return the information


seo gatineau

SEO performance to help the website to receive more visitors from a search engine will be done with the help of the Search Engine Results Page. It will develop more complex ranking algorithms. One small con in a webmaster that is to manipulate different account factors. Leading search engines like Google Yahoo do not disclose the algorithms. Some Search Engine Optimization will have different approaches to share their personal opinions. Among the several SEO agencies in Gatineau, Hull POP-Inc is considered to be the best and highly expertise.


SEO has two major techniques; they are white hat techniques and black hat techniques. Search Engine company recommends a good design that is called a white hat and these techniques don’t approve black hat. These methods are used to minimize the effect of the latter among spamdexing

White hat techniques are not to follow the guidelines but it is to ensure the indexes and ranks in the content a user will see. It is generally used to create content for users and not for search engines. With the help of spider algorithms, it will easily accessible. White hat is similar to web development and it promotes accessibility.

Black hat SEO is to improve rankings and that are disapproved by search engines. This technique use hidden text or colored text that is similar to the background in a positioned off-screen.

Sometimes another category also used and it is called grey hat SEO. This method avoids the site being penalized. It will entirely be focused on improving search engine rankings.

In 2016 Google announced the way to change the crawling website and started to make a mobile version of a given website. Google indicates the regular update to the search engine for its latest version. It is not an appropriate approach for every website. Designing, running, and optimize search engine is the practice of search engine marketing. Difference Between SEM and SEO is paid and unpaid ranking in the search results. In 2005 Google had 87% market share in Germany, which was the major share in that country. Similar to the 90% share in the UK also.

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