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HK result is the most famous lotteries in Hong Kong, which features the latest updates on the lottery results and all the other information about the lotteries. It also gives information on the various games which are operated by the sports of China and also the welfare lotteries. It also provides the details on the mark six draw game which is offered by the Jockey club of Hong Kong. Mark Six is the longest successfully running lottery game, and it also provides various jackpots. The Jackpot starts typically from HK$8 million and also gives many more prices along with it. It delivers the HK result  after every draw of the game.

HK result

These draws will normally take place three times a week, and one can play these draws from starting by the little amount of $HK5. As mentioned earlier, this also gives the details on china welfare lottery. This welfare lottery is offering games for helping the health and even the happiness of the underprivileged people. It is doing excellent service for these kinds of people since 1987. There are many games offered by this welfare such as Double color ball, Fucai 3D offer and Seven Lottery from which the people can get the opportunity to enjoy fantastic and fabulous prizes. They offer the money throughout the whole week, and a small portion of the money from each and every sale of the ticket will go towards the welfare projects who give funds in China.


There are some basic rules for the china welfare lottery. One who has the interest to join the lottery must be above the age of 18 years at least. The prizes for these lottery games should be claimed within the time duration of 60 days from the time of the lottery date. If the concerned person has not taken the necessary steps to claim the money then the price of the lottery amount will be given to the welfare fund. The most important thing in claiming the lottery prize is that the person should keep a valid ticket for the lottery. If the ticket is damaged or if altered and if it is difficult to identify the correct number, then the lottery prize cannot be claimed. One needs to submit the proper proof for the identification process before the process of receiving the lottery prize amount.

Highest Funding Game:

The double color ball is the longest-running game in the china welfare lottery. The draws of this game will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in a week. If a person is interested in playing, then the player must select the six numbers in red ranging from 1 to 33. Then the player should also choose a blue number from 1 to 16. To win the game, there are six different possible ways. The prize amount of this lottery game can give funds more than 100 million yuan which equals HK$115 million. This game is the best choice to play if you are interested in funding more for the welfare of the underprivileged people. Just have fun and help the people through this game.

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