Hempworx – Its Story


Hempworx is a CBD industry leader that was launched to introduce an exciting range of unique, beneficial products.

This was to cater to the ever-growing list of consumers who positively benefit from hemp’s properties. At Hempworx, the founders wholeheartedly believe that the best is yet to come in what is undoubtedly going to be a trillion-dollar industry shortly.

They aim to provide global consumers with high-quality, hemp products that are affordable and different. They watch all developments in the field and know that the possibilities for creating new products are endless; quoting Forbes, they speak of the potential for over      25000 products.


Their mission is two-fold: To bring this super-food back to the rest of the world and to empower people. Besides retailing their products online, Hempworx is also a wholesaler and offers affiliate partnerships.

The Farming

To obtain the best quality, organically grown hemp plants they have initiated partnerships with top farms in Kentucky who are growing only strictly non-GMO hemp. These farmers grow the only hemp and are also manufacturers of CBD, allowing for better control of quality and a constant supply chain.

The Science

Hempworx’s agricultural partners have a full team of in-house scientists, product developers, researchers and professors from the University of Kentucky. The resulting products are safe and effective and can then be presented with confidence to consumers worldwide via Hempworx’s wholesale, retail and affiliate network.

The Quality

Fresh lock drying is used by the agricultural partners at Hempworx to eliminate moulds and pathogens during the drying process and before extraction. This ensures that the end product has all its essential phytochemicals intact, producing a highly efficient end- product.


Hempworx has always upheld all the federal restrictions imposed by state and federal laws and produce products with 100% legal hemp, conforming to the 0.3% THC limit and approved by the FDA.

What separates Hempworx from other manufacturers in the industry is the advanced extraction method used. There is no bleaching or neutralizing during the process, and the oil does not get diluted with fillers that change its potency and pureness.

Testing is a vital way of proving the pureness of the end product, and at Hempworx they run gas chromatography testing, microbial testing and every batch has an analysis certificate from an independent third-party lab.

All certifications for each batch are available for viewing online.

The U.S Hemp Authority have developed a comprehensive guideline for growers and processors of hemp and the companies awarded with the first Certification Seals were chosen because of their commitment to providing accurately labelled hemp-derived products that are safe.  HempWorx was one of the thirteen companies to receive their first certifications.

HempWorx 500 and HempWorx 750 are two of the company’s bestsellers, and the company has no issues with transparency as to where they source their raw hemp from, nor in how they conduct business. These oils contain pressed hemp seed oil, CBD- rich whole hemp extract, with natural flavours and no other fillers such as water or alcohol to weaken it.

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