Important criteria for choosing a calculator and its operation

How to distinguish a real calculator from a fake? You should know the features of a high-quality calculator. The choice of calculator is also depends on the type of food.

An original reference point in the history of calculators is the year 1957, when CASIO developed a prototype of a fully pilot electronic compact calculator 14-A. Soon, Anita calculator appeared which was produced by Bell. The era of total calculatorization began in the West in 1961, which was marked by the establishment of a large-scale production of electronic calculators.  However, you can visit era calculator for the best usage now.

  • To choose an excellent calculator model, it is worth giving preference to well-known manufacturers. Counterfeit calculators are characterized by low quality characterization on buttons. It is also necessary to check the clarity of the image, the speed and quality of the output of all characters on the indicator.
  • The presence of a keyboard creak is unacceptable, which is checked by pressing a couple of buttons. Look at the window for light power, often it does not work in fakes. Irregular edges, fuzzy printing on buttons, as well as cheap material that is used to manufacture the case and keys are unacceptable.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to indicators for bit depth, power, buttons, display and case. This is the only way to choose an excellent model that will please you with long-term operation. By digit means the number of digits that are displayed. Typically, these are eight, ten, twelve, or fourteen digits. This information should be indicated on the housing. You must understand that with higher bit depth, the calculator is more expensive.

  • Often, calculators are powered by a solar cell. However, there are models that have dual power: from the sun and batteries, popularly known as the washer. Calculators that run on conventional batteries are larger in size. You need to ask what type of batteries the calculator has and how often they are on sale.
  • It’s not worth buying a calculator from hand, as they can “slip” a fake to you. To distinguish it, it is worth first of all to examine the solar battery. In a fake, it is a dark plastic. Type a couple of characters on the calculator and take it to the side.

If you see that the numbers are changing, and the display goes blank – this indicates a fake. Do not buy a calculator even with a slightly loose case. Make sure that the country in which the calculator was produced is not marked on its reverse side. There are different buttons of the calculator. Keep in mind that light can give glare in bright light. The numbers printed on top of the buttons may be erased. Make sure the buttons are pressed with the same force.

The Best Options

There are also different shades of displays. As a rule, they are liquid crystal. This is the most fragile part of the calculator. It is important that the display is protected by glass or film. All numbers should be black, clear and contrasting. Pressing the display should not be accompanied by flashing, the screen should continue to light up. Choosing a calculator model according to your tastes, you should also make sure of its quality. Therefore, it is better to trust the well-known famous brands.


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