Personalized training: How much time to train

personal training platform

Training against resistance causes the increase in testosterone, the hormone responsible for increasing muscle mass. After about an hour of training, the production of this hormone drops, giving space to the secretion of cortisol, also called stress hormone. The latter is the archenemy of performance and increased lean mass, and is inversely proportional to the production of testosterone itself. Therefore, prolonging a workout for more than an hour is equivalent to saying testosterone drop and cortisol elevation; in other words: unproductive training. The personal training platform helps you a great deal now. The options for the same happen to be essential deal here and that is the reason that you can expect the best at the moment. The best details are there and that is the reason that you can have all the supports available now. This is a perfect deal for you now.

How much recovery between one series and another

The recovery time between a series and the other, necessary for the increase of the muscular mass, varies from 60 “to 90”, because this interval of time does not allow a complete regeneration of the ATP energy necessary for the contraction. In this situation, the body through a process called super-compensation is forced, in order to increase transport, to stimulate muscle growth.

Higher recovery times (3 ‘- 5’) induce greater recharge of adenosine triphosphate and are particularly suitable for strength training.

personal training platform

How many days a week?

To answer this question you must have knowledge about the BIA bioimpedance discourse. The latter is a tool that through the measurement of body water allows us to understand, with certainty, what volume of work our coach is able to support. In no uncertain terms we can see whether to draw up a training program on 1 or 4 sessions a week; nothing generalized everything overly precise.

Choice of exercises

Since you have to choose 2 exercises per muscle group and since we must finish everything in an hour, you must be very scrupulous. You would certainly take away all the machines, which from a commercial point of view do so much, but from the biomechanical point of view they are often deleterious.

You should choose multi-articular exercises that allow lifting considerable loads without preparing the body in the medium to long term for postural alterations. But first of all, you must verify the articular freedoms and possible muscular tensions, to see if a given exercise is suitable or not for your health.

For example:

  • Checking tibio-tarsal and lumbar rigidity is essential to evaluate the insertion of the King of the “Squat” exercises
  • Verify the ability to stretch the various muscles to evaluate the ROM of movement to be performed during the exercise

Assess the presence of spinal changes: such as hypercifosis, hyperlordosis, scoliosis and others. Let us always remember that there must be personal trainers who decide what is best for our health and what not. That is, if the classic gentleman who wants a steel chest but has a noticeable hypercifense, with consequent anteriorisation of the shoulders, to work with chest exercises would be a massacre if trainers do not first give him back, at least partially, a certain harmony.

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