The best free Linktree alternative to using as your link in bio

Linktree alternatives

Think of Linktree as a landing page for all the places you’ve recently linked in your bio.

You don’t must decide which link you’re visiting prioritize, and it also can be wont to link to the places you think that is super important for people to go to if they’re crossing the brink between your site and you’re social for the primary time. There are many Linktree alternatives that you can follow.

I’ll admit, Linktree does have some pretty handy features. (And at only $6/month it’s probably not visiting break the bank, either.)

But there’s a far better, even cheaper alternative you’ll want to stay in mind!

Why Squarespace is that the best alternative to Linktree

Linktree alternatives

Well, sorta. If you’re already paying for your site on Squarespace, why not make the foremost of that and use it to DIY your own link in the bio landing page?

You’ve already designed a complete site in Squarespace, so there’s no must venture out and waste time trying to be told a way to recreate your site vibe in an exceedingly completely different (and let’s be honest, pretty limited) platform. DIY your link in the bio landing page right in Squarespace!

You can make use of the positioning styles, fonts, and colors you’ve already devoted hours to fix, and keep your link in bio page looking totally on-brand.

If you would like to urge super fancy (more on why that may not be an honest thing later during this post) you’ll be able to add in any of the integrations or content types (ie. newsletter sign-ups, and video) that Linktree boasts, with far more freedom for enjoying around with the layout, spacing, etc.


There are lots that go into ranking #1 in an exceedingly Google seek for your industry’s keywords, but two important deciding factors are:

  1. what quantity time visitors typically spend on your site
  2. what percentage pages they visit while they’re there

The tiny little robots that run the web are pretty smart, but since they can’t actually read, they depend upon the behaviors of internet users to see just how valuable your content is, and thus how likely you’re to possess the answers to any given search.

By hosting your link in bio page on your own website, you’re stacking your site’s SEO with more page visits, and more total time spent browsing, instead of giving all those clicks to some third party software like Linktree!

Longer time on your site + more pages per session = Positive indicators to Google to rank you higher!

And I mean, what a simple thanks to boosting those stats right?!


It’s pretty cool that Linktree thought to incorporate analytics in their service, but it’s another thing you have got to log into at the top of every week once you are tracking your site metrics.

Chances are you’ve already founded your site to trace metrics using Squarespace analytics or Google analytics, and it’s more likely to induce tracked if you have got all of your website’s analytics in one place.

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