What are the uses of Duratrans?

Duratrans are everywhere these days. From the bus stops to the movie theatre. You can see these things translucent sheets everywhere you go. The name was first given by the company called Kodak in 1979 and originally it was just supposed to be used by the company but with its popularity, it seemed like a standard for the industry to call it Duratrans. Before discussing much it let’s find out what are these exactly.

What are Duratrans?

Duratrans are the thin translucent sheets which are having printed advertisements on them. These are usually bigger and are one of the best ways of marketing and advertising. You can notice many Duratrans especially at night the most as they glow due to the light source at the back and that is the reason they are translucent. 

What are the uses of Duratrans?

Commercial: Duratrans is a highly effective way of advertising your products and services. It is one of the most affordable ways of land marketing and has been providing amazing results to the business owner. The banners and posters eventually become unnoticeable at nights but these light sourced advertising means don’t. It is the best for the night as they are the ones that grab the most attention by the people and if you are thinking to advertise your brand for 24*7 then Duratrans is the right thing to invest it.

Public services: There are many Duratrans which are not just for selling but also for social service. Usually, it is used for social purposes. Be it any type of campaign, national event or just any public service announcement (PSA) they can work fantastically as the national information tends to target everyone and not just a specific group of people and Duratrans does the perfect job. It is for everyone who looks at it. 

Street signs: Duratrans can also be used as street signs. They work amazingly. One wouldn’t be able to see in the dark and for some people street lights are bright enough. This is where the big role of Duratrans come as they can help you to see the signs in the most effective way. You wouldn’t have to put much strain on the eyes while seeing the sign.

Now when you know what is Duratrans, you must be thinking why there so many business advertisements or PSAs are on Duratrans? The answer is below.

Advantages of Duratrans

They Catch attention: There are many advantages of Duratrans the very first one is that it is highly catchy. Don’t think that who would watch these at night as the answer is every single person going back home from work, everyone waiting at the bus stop for the bus, everyone who is going to the theatre and the list goes on and on. They are so much attractive due to their glowy appeal that you can not avoid its presence even if you are rushing somewhere.

They have a longer period: These days the manufacturing technology is so much better than the Duratrans which are coming in the market are of high quality. They are strong and don’t get much affected by heavy rain and sunlight and that is the reason they have a longer period. They are a great investment as you can use them for a long time that too for different locations.

They are reusable: As we mentioned that they are not easily damaged and have a pretty good life, it would be appropriate to add that these sheets for advertisement are highly reusable. You just have to take them off the light board and you can use them somewhere else you want. Due to their lightweight and easy transportation you can transport them anywhere. They are extremely handy and don’t take need a bigger space for their transportation. 

Impact on the mind: These glowy sheets for advertisements cause a big impact on the minds of the viewers or the audience. Since they stand out the most due to its appearance, they remain in the minds of people for a long time which can help the company or the business amazingly. 

Easily target audience: Duratrans is the easiest way to target the maximum audience. You will not be able to target such a huge number of people through any other means of the advertisement but this is not the case with Duratrans. If you would ask how is that possible, then it is simple as everyone travels. There are thousands of people who come to the street where are Duratrans. Be it rich or poor, young or old, Duratrans never miss any type of audience.

Where are they used?

This is obvious that the main objective they are used is to create awareness. The whole idea of investment on Duratrans is to make your message delivered to most people that’s why the best and the most perfect places to fix them are the ones with the heavy crowd. Which includes

  • Bus stops
  • Railway stations
  • Theatres
  • Menu boards of drive-thru

The more it is exposed to people the better outcome the investor would get. You can these places having from medium to huge size of Duratrans. It depends upon the place. 

Why Duratrans over any other info dissemination mean?

There is no doubt that there are other means through which you can spread the information so why Duratrans are the most famous ones? We have already listed the advantages above but other than that we would like to tell you that no other means can compete the level of attention and effectiveness. Not everyone is one social media, not everyone reads the newspaper, there are limitations of other platforms which can not be found of seen when it comes to Duratrans. The only limitation it has that it won’t work if the light source is not working which is rarely a chance. Even if we consider this then also it would be highly effective during the day time as it is visible under the sunlight

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